Welcome to Adam Tribe Organic Farm volunteering opportunity!

This nature experience opens the door to a sacred geography that includes Yoga practice.

Volunteering Opportunity On Organic Farm.

In this Spring we began our new method of farming; creating a sanctuary for well-being and nourishment. Inspired by self-reliance; we wish to live more sustainably, eating and sharing from garden to plate and using natural energy resources. Slowly we’re creating an organic life sample where we feel balanced in an environment supportive for freedom and growth.
The Adam Tribe is located on top of the mountain hill after last village called Makanpur in an off grid land. There are no skills required for getting to Adam Tribe but if you choose public transport, you will hike for 3 hours which every one can do.
So you will have access to the Himalayan views, fresh spring water, forest-sound and organic food at the Adam Tribe. Remember this is the world of simplicity!


Volunteering Opportunity On Organic Farm

Package includes
Accommodation and food
Working on farm land
Plantation, composting, transplants, digging.
8hrs work is required.
Washing personal dishes
There is no access to cook in the kitchen!


From Pokhara Lakeside the one hour bus ride follows the lake valley floor until Ghaticheena. These hourly buses will also bring you back to Lakeside from Ghaticheena. From Ghaticheena it is two hrs hike to Makanpur village, then another one hr hike to the Adam Tribe Organic Farm, the only inhabitant of Pakhure. For private transport we can arrange a private or group jeep to and from Pokhara.
Hallanchok at Lakeside (Starting point from Pokhara) to -> Ghatichina (The last bus stand) to -> Makanpur village (Hiking for two hrs) -> to Pakhure (Adam Tribe Organic Farm and Homestay, One hr hike in jungle)

How To Get There

Best Time To Start From Pokhara
To do the best trip get the 8 or 9 o’clock morning bus from Hallanchok to Ghatichina. In this case you will end up around 12 -1 at Adam Tribe.

To do the jungle path we will provide you a guide as it is necessary.

Special Note
The jungle path is covered with leeches during rainy days or the day after. We will provide you special cream to stay comfortable on the trail.

Equipment Required

Personal needs
Raincoat or an umbrella
Hiking shoes
Working gloves

Extra Equipment For More Comfort
Farm boots

Thank you for joining this green movement.
We are looking forward to seeing you at the farm.

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